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Save the Dates!

The IT Conference will be April 27-29, 2015. 

Get your head into the Cloud and out of the data center: maximizing the effectiveness of our shared resources. 

More information is available here.

Changes to ISRS Login Coming in 2015

If you’re a user of the ISRS Uniface (Desktop) application, you’re familiar with the “six-by-two” username: The first six characters of your last name followed by the first two characters of your first name. For example, John Johnson’s Uniface username would be “johnsojo.” This username format dates from the earliest implementation of ISRS modules—more than 16 years ago!

In 2015, the six-by-two format will be retired and users of the ISRS Uniface application will, in stages, begin to use their StarID to login to these desktop modules of ISRS. Pilot testing with a small group of users will begin in early 2015, and soon after groups of users will be notified when their ISRS desktop login will be redirected to StarID.

Note: If you currently use your six-by-two login for access to operational data, the Data Warehouse (WARE), or Oracle/REPL, these tools will continue to use the six-by-two username until they too are authenticated via StarID credentials.

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Enterprise Services

Information regarding the status of Enterprise services is available at: If you are experiencing problems, please check for status notifications. If no service interruptions is listed (the service is listed as online and operational) please call the Help Desk at 1-877-466-6728 (1-877-GO MNSCU), or go to to report your experience.