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LodeStar 6.x - 7x system-wide agreement for MnSCU
        Announcement Dec. 05, 2011
(updated 4/14/2014)

LodeStar 7 is now available to MnSCU faculty free-of-charge at: http://www.lodestarlearning.com/lodestar-14-day-trial.html  
Deployment: Instructions for installing LodeStar  (now includes a download from Facebook option)

You can follow LodeStar Learning on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/LodeStarLearn

     Minnesota State Colleges & Universities has made available to its members, system wide licensing for LodeStar from LodeStar Learning Corporation. LodeStar enables instructors to configure engaging interactions for their students. With LodeStar, instructors don't need to be programmers. They can stay focused on content. lodeStar is, therefore, a kind of a wizard that guides instructors step by step through customizing an educational interaction.

With a few clicks and some content entry, instructors can liven up their eLearning, websites and classrooms with presentations, games, slide shows, quizzes, puzzles, web quests, animations and much more. These interactions can then be published to a number of different learning management systems such as Blackboard, Desire2Learn, Microsoft Class Server, Moodle and others.

Learning Management Integration:
lodestar conforms to the SCORM 2004 content packaging specification and, as a result, the configured interaction can be published into several environments including Desire2Learn. In fact, the publishing mechanism has been optimized for Desire2Learn making it very easy to get content into that system. For a tutorial that illustrates this simple process, follow the link below labeled "Using lodeStar with Desire2Learn".   

Video: LodeStar in 5 Minutes

End User License Agreement

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Using LodeStar with Desire2Learn
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Updated: October 14, 2014, MRT


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