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Department User Queries: Cost Center

Purpose of this Process

Query a cost center to obtain detailed financial information attributed to it. You can view cost centers to which you are assigned.


You need the following security role to query a cost center as described here:


How to query a Cost Center

Step 1:

Confirm that you are on the Cost Center Search page. If you are not, click Cost Center in the menu on the left. (See Image 1.)

dept user query cost centers image 1

Image 1: Cost Center Search page

Step 2:

Enter the fiscal year for which you need to see the cost enters.

Step 3:

Click [Search]. The list of cost centers with which you are associated for the fiscal year displays. (See Image 2.)

dept user query cost center image 2

Image 2: Cost Center search results

How to view the details of a specific cost center:

Click the (Details) link at the right end of that row. The cost center details page displays. (See Image 3.)

Cost Center detail page

Image 3: Cost Center details page

How to print

Printer friendly views are available on various pages.  Look for the printer icon next to the cost center name. Select the ‘Print this page’ button in blue at the bottom of that page.

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Created 03/19/2009

Updated 2/8/2013

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